„ENOS onboard“ is search filter at „rateyourdive.com“

February 22, 2018


The successful online portal for divers increases its service for users and entrepreneurs


Bergisch Gladbach/Bayreuth The advice “ENOS® onboard” is more than a slogan. The numbers of divers is permanently increasing who make their booking dependent on it. The new diver platform “rateyourdive.com” meets this challenge and enlarged the filter settings by the button “Enos onboard”.


“rateyourdive.com” is a bi-lingual (English and German) portal for divers to compare, to book and to evaluate. “The ’TripAdvisor‘ specifically for Diving“ is the claim of the start-up which went online at the beginning of 2017.

As known from the worldwide hotel search service here entrepreneurs can present their dive center and liveaboard to draw divers’ attention on their business. To take a decision all necessary information is given in the profiles such as offers, prices, photos and location. Thanks to contact data like e-mail, phone number, website and address users can get free of charge.

Another special feature on “rateyourdive.com” is that evaluations are proofed by the team and not published automatically. A successful prevention from “fake reviews”.


Service for users and entrepreneurs

To issue a profile several filter settings are available. Now the filter menu is enlarged by the feature “Enos onboard”. So “rateyourdive.com” meeting the growing demand for “ENOS®-Boats” and makes searching easier. Due to the fact that the filter separates them from the others entrepreneurs also have embraced the new filter. Some owners even have placed their profile on the online portal because of the button to get out of the crowds.


Still young – but already highly visible

Both „rateyourdive.com“ and Seareq, the manufacturer of ENOS®-System, are delighted about the cooperation and the response of the entrepreneurs. Although “rateyourdive.com” is just one year old more than 5500 profiles and 1500 evaluations are posted. With rising tendency. Now further entries and clicks have to be added caused by the button “Enos onboard” – as already confirmed.

“The fixed installed filter setting is a great approval of our work and the whole team is very pleased”, says owner Karl Hansmann. But it’s also a logical consequence: “Since years ENOS® is a big advantage in the very hard competition. Therefore it’s just clever of an online portal to provide such filter for entrepreneurs and users.”