Indonesian Rule Of Three

July 18, 2018


Indonesian Rule Of Three

Grand Komodo Tours & Dives fit 3 liveabords with ENOS®


Bergisch Gladbach/Bali Since years Grand Komodo Tours & Dives belongs to the leading dive centers in Indonesia. The enterprise benefits from good reputation thanks to a very good price performance ratio onboard the liveaboards.

Five motor sailing vessels cruise to Indonesia’s world famous dive spots. Three of them are equipped with ENOS®-System since “boat-show” this year: MV Raja Ampat Explorer, MV Tarata und MV TemuKira. This means “Dolphin” in the language “Bugis”, the language of Sulawesi’s seafarers. It’s not the only one symbol Grand Komodo Tours & Dives use to represent the native country. In the logo a Komodo dragon is placed and the dive boats are built in the design of country-specific wooden Schoner.


Classical style for modern high-tech

The look of the boat is traditional but life onboard is very comfortable. All cabins are outfitted with bathroom and WC and individual adjustable air-condition. Time between the dives can be spent on the spacious sun- and shadow-decks with deck chairs to relax or in the huge saloon where Indonesian and European food is served.


In the focus: Diving

Anyhow, diving is most important onboard of Grand Komodo liveaboards. All boats provide big platforms with showers. Plenty of battery charging stations for cameras, torches and personal electronic devices satisfy all requirements. Photographers care about their equipment in the protected areas of “Camera Work Stations”.


On the top: Safety

But this is not sufficient for the management of Grand Komodo Tours & Dives due to the fact that Indonesia’s dive spots are famous for its varieties but even more for its currents. That’s why the motto “Safety First” was taken into action amazingly fast: The 1st ENOS®-System was purchased in January for “Raja Ampat Explorer”, just a very short time later for “Tarata”. Since June 2018 the 3rd diver rescue system is implemented on “TemuKira”.

Grand Komodo Tours & Dives thereby confirms its leading role in the market because customers don’t demand for safety onboard only. Above all, they want safety during diving which is provided by ENOS®-System since 2005, reliable and worldwide.


Local, regional, competent: Dive Hub, Bali

Grand Komodo Tours & Dives was supported by Dive Hub, a local dealer and authorized ENOS®-Partner in Bali. They give guidance and resources to the entrepreneurs to find the best and tailor-made constellation of the diver rescue system for their liveaboards.


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About Seareq:

The company Seareq was founded in 2003 and specializes in safety and rescue equipment especially for the scuba diving industry. Seareq developed the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS®, world’s first GPS supported rescue system which functions independent from coast guards and Marine Coordination Centers. Speedy rescue operations are possible, even in remote areas. ENOS®-System attached high attention due to its self-confident principle of function which relieves the international emergency frequencies. Many inquiries from boaters, yachters and professional federations were addressed to Seareq. From 2014 Seareq offers MOBOS®-System, a GPS supported MOB-System which is absolutely independent from external help and technologies. In addition to its proprietary developments the company imports goods from other countries as importer for sales in Europe. 2010 effected a change of corporation form into Seareq. e. K. Further information:


Fig.1: ”MSV RAJA AMPAT EXPLORER“ ENOS® onboard since February 2018

Fig.2: ”MSV TEMUKIRA“ the 3rd ENOS®-Boat of the Grand Komodo Fleet



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