Seareq and partner up to bring ENOS® products to Indonesia

December 03, 2017

 We are excited to spread the news: Seareq and partner up to bring ENOS® products to Indonesia.

ENOS® is a GPS Diver Rescue and Locating system that helps to loacte drifted divers. 

ENOS® is in use all over the world since 2005, and crews of ENOS®-Boats NEVER had to search for the missed divers! That’s why NO rescue operation took longer than minutes! 

 Better to book a boat with . ENOS® onboard! 

The ENOS-System provides a speedy rescue – reliable and successful – since 2005, worldwide!
ENOS®-Divers don’t have to wait long when they are swept away by currents! ENOS®-Divers don’t drift helpless on the surface … anxious … if they become rescued or not ...
Instead of that they inform their crew within seconds to initiate a prompt rescue.
Just a short time later they are safely back on board  –  even when the boat is far away and not visible!
The daily routine on ENOS®-Boats was never interrupted or changed because of missed divers!
ENOS®-Crews don’t search for missed divers. They precisely know where the divers are drifting and pick them up!
ENOS®-System consists of 2 units:
ENOS®-Beacon, carried by the diver during the dive  ⇒  ENOS®-BEACON
ENOS®-Receiver, onboard of the dive boat  ⇒  ENOS®-RECEIVER
Autarkic and Efficient
ENOS® combines GPS-Navigation and Radio Frequency. It is independent of external technologies.
It is absolutely autonomous and does not require support from SAR (Search And Rescue) or Coast Guards. The crew of the dive boat can initiate the rescue operation immediately.
A big advantage, especially in remote areas and during dive-safaris. ⇒  ENOS-PRINCIPLE
                      ENOS®  is a registered trade mark and is 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY