COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

Product Code: W-BL

Rp. 5,999,000


The COSMIQ+ is a refresh of the original COSMIQ model, introducing an advanced bottom timer function for technical divers and a range of gorgeous new color options. With modes for freediving, recreational and technical diving, COSMIQ+ will appeal to divers of all walks and skill levels. At the push of a button, you can sync with the Deepblu App, allowing you to effortlessly create an interactive dive log and re-experience your dive after surfacing.



  Pixel-less Screen Display
COSMIQ+’s 2.2-inch high-contrast, pixel-less LCD screen is bright, colorful and easy to read no matter the visibility.
Lithium-ion Battery
COSMIQ+’s lithium-ion battery is rechargeable using a standard USB charging cable. Recharge the battery anytime,   anywhere.
Wireless Connectivity
COSMIQ+ connects wirelessly to the Deepblu app allowing divers to upload their dive data directly to their smartphone so they can create digital dive logs.
Deepblu Digital Dive Logs
Deepblu’s digital dive logs breathe new life into the old-fashioned dive logbook by reimagining them to better reflect today’s technological world.

COSMIQ+ Full Package

What’s Included:
COSMIQ+ Base Unit, NATO Wrist Strap, Dry Suit Bungee Cord, Charging Cable, Anti-Glare Screen Protector (2pcs), Quick Start Guide & Carrying Case.