Depth Gauge (Module)

Product Code: DG-700M

Rp. 100,000


The Aquatec DG-700 Depth Gauge has a 0' to 230' (0 to 70 Meters) Readout with Safety Red Color Coded Indicators at 0' to 30' for Safety Stops and for Depths beyond the Sport Diving Limits from 130' to 230' have Color in Red Dot.

The Air-Filled Diaphragm Design of the Oceanic Max-Depth Gauge allows an Expanded Shallow Scale for better Readability at sport diving depths. Depth Gauges have Oceanic's Luminous Displays that Absorbs Light Seven Times faster and longer than other Glow-in-the-Dark Materials, to enhance the Readability of the Max-Depth Gauge's. Depth Gauge is covered by a one year limited warranty.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • End Scale: The scale is available in 70 meters (230 feet).
  • Case material: chromium plated brass.
  • Face: luminescent with coloured sections.
  • Functioning: membrane.
  • Special characteristics: maximum depth indicator, coloured sections.
  • Diameter: 63 mm (2.48 inch).
  • Height: 37.8 mm (1.49 inch).
  • Lenght: 32 mm (1.26 inch).
  • Available as a wrist or console model.