DIVElink Wi-Fi SD Card

Product Code: Wi-Fi SD

Rp. 499,000


Currently DIVElink is only compatible with the Deepblu iOS app. Compatibility with Android will be added in a future app upgrade.
Deepblu’s DIVElink Wi-Fi SD Card is a memory card with its own built-in Wi-Fi.
It transforms your conventional non-Wi-Fi enabled camera into a camera with wireless access.
DIVElink makes it possible to upload your underwater photos directly from your camera to your smartphone, so you can include them in your Deepblu dive logs.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION----------------------
Hassle-Free Setup
DIVElink is incredibly easy to use. Simply insert DIVElink into your digital camera, format it and then go diving.
             Capture Amazing Underwater Moments
             Using DIVElink’s 32GB micro SD card, you can capture all of those amazing underwater moments.
Share Your Photos Instantly
DIVElink’s built-in Wi-Fi function makes it quick, easy and painless for you to select photos to include in your digital dive logs.
                     Create a Visual Timeline of Every Dive
                     The Deepblu app synchronizes time from the pictures you upload with DIVElink with depth information
                     from COSMIQ to creates an interactive dive profile slider which pinpoints the exact time and depth at which each photo
                     was taken.








Capacity 32 GB MicroSD Card
Software iOS 4.0 or later (Android compatibility coming soon)
Dimensions 116.5 x 91 x 25 millimeters / 0.64x3.58x0.98 inches
Weight 2 grams / 0.07 ounces
Wi-Fi Frequency 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz