Cetma Composites

EDGE Blades

Product Code: CC-B-EDGE

Rp. 7,100,000


The new carbon blades EDGE result from the study of materials engineers who have worked for years in the design of composite components for aerospace and automotive industries. The engineering of the EDGE has focused on the materials used and the innovation of technological process. For the first time a freediving fin is designed using an engineering approach. Several experimental tests were performed using the most sophisticated equipment available in the company. The materials (carbon fiber/special toughened epoxy resin) used are tested to achieve with extreme accuracy the properties of the materials used, subsequently we proceeded with the design aided by FEM analysis. The activities of design, testing and manufacturing are carried out using a laboratory for the study of composite materials among the best equipped in the Europe. The The design of EDGE carbon fins was obtained through several finite element simulations (FEM). FEM simulations were used to obtain profiles of curvature of the blade able to improve performance in two conditions of use: swimming with narrow kicking in such as horizontal swim and with a little larger and more powerful kicking such as for vertical swimming (i.e. detachment from the bottom).Numerical simulation of the mechanical behavior of the EDGE allowed the development the first carbon blades with 3D design. The unique design resulted in a distribution of engineered stiffness along the carbon blades. Different portions along the blades are characterized by a different value of young modulus in order to ensure maximum stiffness near the shoes and progressive deformability towards the tip.