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Permanently installed Receiving Station with 7“ Tablet― ERX-S

The compact ENOS®-Station is very easy to install onboard. It receives the alerts of the ENOS®-Beacons and forwards it to the Tablet PC via Bluetooth

+   ideal for Liveaboards and boats which are permanent in use 

+   high mobility onboard due to ENOS®-Screen as Tablet 

+   perfect for small wheelhouses and narrow cockpits

The perfect combination of a permanent installation and mobility: The ENOS®-Station is permanently installed on the boat and receives the alerts. Its GPS and radio receiving antennas are mounted as high as possible onboard to support the performance of ENOS®-System.

ENOS®-Station evaluates the received alerts and forwards these data to the Tablet PC via Bluetooth technology.
The Tablet improves the agility of the crew onboard: Just with a tablet in hand it is easy to watch out for the missing divers.
During rescue operation the captain places the Tablet on his bridge to drive the boat directly to the divers according to the information of the ENOS®Screen. ENOS® guides the captain to the divers.