Freedive Flow


Product Code: FF-001

Rp. 1,160,000


A great float for freediving!

  • very stable in the water
  • light weight, easy to transport
  • once back on the boat, the water drains immediately
  • the canvas surface gives very nice grip
  • central mounting point for down-line
  • sturdy and long-lasting
  • approx. 70 cm diameter and 18 cm height, 15″ inner tube

The hull of this float is based on the well proven Wonka-design and is made of canvas (top) and mesh (bottom). The mesh allows the water to flow in and out of the float freely, which makes it “sit” in the water, rather than float at the surface. Trying to tip the float over makes the water flow through the float. This creates a lot of drag against the tipping momentum, which makes the float very stable to work with.

When you take the float out of the water, the water flows out of it immediately. With an 15″ inner tube, the float has an ideal diameter of ca. 70 cm, so you can always see the eyes of your dive buddy across the float, while the float is still easy to transport. It’s signal-orangecolour attracts the attention of approaching boat captains. Last but not least, the strap that runs around the float is strong enough to tow a truck, which makes the float unbreakable and you will never loose the rope or even a bottom weight.