Cetma Composites


Product Code: CC-B-MANTRA

Rp. 7,500,000


MANTRA blades are the most advanced blades available today on the market, they are designed and developed by a team of CETMACOMPOSITES researchers and engineers in collaboration with the world champion Michele Giurgola (-93 mt CWT bi-fins). 100% top quality high performance (aerospace grade) carbon fiber are used for this blades. Design features include the our exclusive  DYNAMIC RESONANCE SYSTEM which mean that blade match the resonance frequencies during swimming, this imply almost totally no effort during swim. Simplifying, when a structure is forced with a frequency close to its natural frequency the amplitude of vibration increase in a very efficiency way (low damping). Operating by distribution of the stiffness along the blade we “tuned” the blades to certain natural frequency. So when the blade is driven, by kicking, with a certain frequencies range the user feeling is a very low effort with an incredible thrust. 
This study is done using a laser vibrometer (LDV) to perform a modal analysis, which helps in a stiffness distribution design of the blade. Variable height water rails features are used to avoid sideslip effect without affect carbon fiber elasticity. This blades have a bend angle well above 30 degrees. Overall dimensions are wide 195 mm, length 742 mm after bent.
Stiffness available are MEDIUM,  SOFT and SUPER SOFT.