Thor Knife

Product Code: KN-220B

Rp. 750,000


The AQUATEC Thor Dive knife is perfect for diving knife. The advantages of this type diving knife blade is its thin profile and less weight to make it more portable, The Thor diving knife use Nylon material to give the handle a very stronger and comfortable holding.

Quick draw and Reinsert:
A special design of quick release and lock mechanism is located on top portion of the sheath which can be access easily and operate by single hand.
Simply push the button to draw the knife, and push the knife all the way down when reinsert A click sound can be heard if the knife is completely locked.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Bladder material: 420 J2 Stainless Steel black Chromium.
  • Overall length: 220 mm. (8.7 inch).
  • Blade length: 110 mm (4.3 inch)
  • Blade thickness: 5mm (1.96 inch)
  • Knife weight: 127 g.
  • Sheath weight: 180 g.
  • Colorful box packing, 330 g.
  • Standard accessories: 2 elastic clip Strap, sheath.
  • Straps x 2: 500 mm (19.7 inch) and 400 mm (15.8 inch)
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